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Baby Dolls Centre

Baby Dolls Centre is an independent, family run shop filled with the most wonderful toys and games for young children.

We love searching the globe for unique toys that are high-quality and full of character. This is important to us because we want our toys to stand the test of time and be passed down with love generations to come.

We're passionate about doing our part to save the planet too! So, we only choose brands that responsibly source earth-friendly materials like wood, natural rubbers and other recycled materials to make their toys.



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Our mission is to provide you access to great brands of toys you can’t easily find on other websites, at the best possible price.

As your true companion, we will always be there with you through the process of e-shopping on our website. Gifting guides, what is trending and what is good for your child development; we’ll tell you everything! From the time you hit our website, to the time you unwrap our toys parcel, you’ll be amazed at each step on the way.

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We had a problem with a finger on our first doll. The exchange was super easy. We had the replacement within 1 or 2 weeks while at Christmas time.




This doll was absolutely beautiful, my grandbaby loved it!! The only compliant I have right now is the pacifier would not stick to the baby’s face!! 



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